Tuesday night waffle debacle


By Caroline Hershey

Rumor has it that the end is near for Sorum House’s Waffle Tuesdays. Recent speculation that the House Council is reconsidering how wise the weekly waffles are for the campus community has caused some frustration among the student body and a new demand for late-night munchies.

The purpose of Minerva events is to include as many members of the campus as possible and to promote an inclusive environment. According to members of the Sorum House Council, the weekly Tuesday night waffle-making event was becoming too exclusive and was not attracting any new participants. For this reason, the Sorum House Council decided to deny funding for the event this term.

Some students disagree with the council’s ruling and have voiced their perspective on the subject.

“While we may seem intimidating to outsiders because many of us who attend are all friends with one another, we always love meeting new people. Many of our new friends are people who just started attending Waffles this year,” said Danny Barringer ’11. The waffle enthusiast then went on to add that the event is a time for all his friends to get together and “one of the few times to catch a break during senior year.”

The Sorum House Council has received an increased number of requests to host other types of events, which has strained the house’s budget. “We might work out a compromise soon, but as of now, the event is canceled,” said Sorum’s Communications Chair Sam Bertschmann ’14.

Though the status of Waffle Tuesdays is not finalized and the council is still negotiating the final outcome, the cancellation of the weekly waffles event has raised  another issue: student demand for more late-night eating options.

“I wish there were other places to go for late-night food besides Dutch,” said MaryKate Strahle ‘14.

Though there will soon be a 24-hour Denny’s opening next to campus, some students feel that the school should offer more dining locations that are open late at night and conveniently located for students.

Since West and Upperclass dining halls close around 8 p.m., Minerva events like Waffle Tuesday provide an option for late-night snacks, so there is still a possibility for a comeback in the future.


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