The Hungry Dutchmen: Bumpy’s and Villa Italia


By Guss Firestein

While the spring term weather we all want has yet to arrive, ice cream and gelato season has. Those of us who have access to cars may have been lucky enough to find Bumpy’s Polar Freeze, located on State St. just around the corner from Mohawk Commons. For those still relying on their feet to get around, hopefully you have found your way to Villa Italia, right near the movie theater on Broadway.

Bumpy’s is about a 15-minute drive from campus but definitely worth the drive. I have been to Bumpy’s many times and I continue to be overwhelmed by the infinite options they have. With over one hundred different soft-serve flavors and numerous sundaes, you’re bound to find something that will meet your fancy.

To be fair for those that don’t have access to a car but want a cold treat, I give you Villa Italia. It’s about a 15-minute walk from campus and has all sorts of goodies.

Offering a wide variety of gelato, pastries, and hot and cold beverages, this is the place to be when you find yourself with a sweet-tooth. I myself am a fan of the chocolate-hazelnut gelato. As the weather gets warmer take a walk over there, grab a gelato and sit outside and enjoy good old Schenectady.

Let’s hope the weather improves and the ice cream starts flowing!


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