Taking back the cup


By Christopher Chronowski

After spending spring break in Tampa, Florida to train for the spring season, Union Crew opened up their racing season two weeks ago at the Union Boathouse  with a race against Hamilton College. Historically, Union Crew has had a rivalry with Hamilton since a Union alum created prizes for the Varsity Men’s 8 to compete for the Gilman Cup, the Varsity Women’s 8 for the Gilman Plate, the Second Varsity Women’s 8 for the Gilman Bowl and the Men’s Varsity 4 to compete for the Gilman Goblet.

Union’s Men’s Varsity 4 boat lost to Hamilton’s 4 with a time of 8:48 to the Continental’s 8:34.  The line-up of the Union boat was (stroke to bow) Marc Tanne ‘12, Greg Brenn ‘14, Powell Wright ‘13, and Elias Samia ‘11 with Jeramey Normand ‘13 as coxswain.

For the Gilman Bowl, Hamilton beat out the Women’s Second Varsity 8 Dutchmen with a time of 8:17 against Union’s 8:30. The line-up of the Union boat is (stroke to bow) first-years Arielle Siniapkin, Laila Ohebshalom, Bryn Peterson, Ilyena Kozain, Andrea Schwartz, Miriam Hammer, Isabel McRae and Caitlyn Collins with Lane Roberts as coxswain.

Racing for the Gilman Plate, the Dutchmen Women’s Varsity 8 lost to the Continentals with a time of 8:45 to Hamilton’s time of 8:08. The Women’s Varsity 8 lineup is (stroke-bow) Kate Foley ‘13, Cassie Angelakis ‘12, Lauren Wainman ‘13, Amanda Wald ‘11, Rebecca Wentworth ‘11, Mikaela Coburn ‘13, Darcy Randall ‘12, and Kelly Zebrowski ‘11with Liz Adami ‘12 as the coxswain.

For the Gilman Cup, in which Union’s Men’s Varsity 8 and Second Varsity 8 raced against Hamilton’s Men’s Varsity 8, the Dutchmen won back the Gilman Cup for the first time since 2005.  The Men’s Varsity 8 crossed the finish line at 6:50, with Hamilton’s Varsity 8 coming in at 7:23 and Union’s Second Varsity 8 finishing at 7:50.

The winning boat consisted of (stroke-bow) Jordan Adey ‘13, Stephen Dusel ‘12, Gordon Butler ‘11, Ben Phippen ‘14, Nick Brenn ‘14, Christopher Chronowski ‘11, Mike DeWolfe ‘12, and Matthew Wetzel ‘13 with Danielle Mendiola ‘11 as coxswain. The Second Varsity 8’s lineup was (stroke-bow) Tim Riddell ‘12, Ken Reiser ‘12, Mike Capella ‘14, James Harris X, Chris Sainato ‘14, Sebastian Nilsson ‘14, Powell Wright ‘13, and Matthew Kelleher ‘12 with Normand as coxswain.

After the Men’s Varsity 8 beat Hamilton on that Saturday, it was named the Liberty League Co-Boat of the Week along with Hobart’s Varsity 8.On April 9, Union hosted RPI at the Union Boathouse. The Dutchmen swept the Engineers in all the races that day. The Women’s Freshman 4 beat the RPI boat with a time of 9:36 to RPI’s 9:54 but lost to SCCC who won with 9:17.

The boat consisted of (stroke-bow) Sarah Wizner ‘14, Rhea Howard ‘14, Mary Kate Strahle ‘14, and Mary Kate Blanchard ‘14 with Lane Roberts ‘14 as coxswain. The Men’s Varsity 4 beat RPI with a time of 8:14 to RPI’s 8:28.  The Men’s 4 consists of Tanne, Reiser, Wright and Harris with Mendiola as coxswain.

The Men’s Second Varsity 8 which was (stroke-bow) Tanne, Reiser, Sainato, Greg Brenn, Capella, Nilsson, Riddell, and Kelleher with Normand as coxswain beat the RPI boat with a time of 7:13 to RPI’s 7:46. Union’s Men’s Varsity 8 boat crossed the finish line one minute twelve seconds ahead of RPI’s Varsity 8 crew with a time of 6:51 to 8:03, respectively. The Men’s Varsity 8 (stroke-bow) consists of Adey, Dusel, Butler, Phippen, Nick Brenn, Chronowski, DeWolfe and Wetzel with Mendiola as coxswain.

On April 10, the Dutchmen traveled to Worcester, Massachusetts. All of the crews faced a moderate to strong headwind on the course. Both the Union’s Men’s 8’s beat Franklin and Marshall’s Crews. The Men’s Varsity 8 crossed the finish line at 6:43 with Franklin and Marshall finishing at 6:47.

The Men’s Second Varsity 8 also beat the Diplomats by crossing the line at 7:10 to Franklin and Marshall’s time of 7:28 The Women’s varsity 8 came in third place in their race with a time of 7:51, beating out Franklin and Marshall by one second, as well as Clark and Lowell. Finishing in the first two places were Mt Holyoke and Simmons, respectively.

The Women’s Second Varsity 8 came in fourth place with a time of 8:53. In order, the schools of Simmons, Mt Holyoke and Franklin & Marshall crossed the finish line ahead of Union’s boat.  The Dutchmen also raced a Women’s Novice 4 boat against Clark’s A & B boats, Simmons, and Franklin & Marshall. Union came in third place at 10:49, beating out Franklin & Marshall’s Novice 4.

This has been a phenomenal start for the Men’s Varsity Crew. Aside from winning the Gilman Cup for the first time since 2005, they are undefeated so far this season with wins against Hamilton, RPI and Franklin & Marshall.


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