Movie theaters near U


By Daniel Wajda

Just because we’re in upstate New York doesn’t mean that we don’t want to see the latest Hollywood release every so often. Luckily, Schenectady and its surrounding areas are flush with theaters.

Bow Tie Cinemas is the obvious choice here, being by far the closest, located in downtown Schenectady less than a mile from campus. It is a good choice overall, although its snack prices are a bit high (a small popcorn costs $7). Tickets cost between $7 and $10, and between $10 and $12 for 3-D films.

Colonie Center and Crossgates offer the most extensive movie selection, often showing up to 10 or 15 films at a time. But their ticket prices start at about $10, with a hefty premium for 3-D movies. Snack prices, as is to be expected at a mall, are also extremely overpriced: try sneaking in a candy bar and drink for back-up.

Scotia Cinema is best if you’re after an old-time cinematic feel and low prices, and you’re willing to wait a few weeks or so for new releases to appear. Tickets are just $4.50 apiece, and snacks are extremely customer-friendly. And you’ll be supporting a locally-owned theater system, too. But films can only be shown one at a time (there’s only one screen), and new releases often take some time to come there; sometimes they don’t even make it to the theater.

And let’s not forget dear old Reamer Campus Auditorium, the best place to watch films for nada. The only price you’ll pay is for snacks, and they are easily and cheaply purchased in the campus store. And the great thing is that you won’t have to worry about traveling too far in bad weather to get your film fix.


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