Looking for a roommate? Come to speed-roomating!


By Jill Radwin

Unlike the better-known practice of speed-dating, speed-roomating allows students to meet an eligible living partner rather than being randomly placed with another student. The event is optional but allows current students who are looking for one or more individuals to live with to effectively fill their living spaces. Residence Directors Pat Duffy and Connie Gardner will be heading and promoting the event on campus.

[pullquote]The event is meant to be a casual one where students mingle with each other in hopes of finding a roommate they would be compatible with for the upcoming year.”

Pat Duffy, Residence Director[/pullquote]

Students who attend the event will receive a sheet of questions as well as contact cards. Rather than participating in a more formal round robin often associated with speed dating, students will have the chance to mingle in a casual environment to see if they are compatible with the other participants.

Residential Life decided to introduce speed-roomating after taking a closer look at the current lottery process. The main problem the Residence Directors observed was that there were frequently situations in which there were either too many or too few roommates for a particular housing space. For this reason, many students were being placed in rooms with one or more students that he or she did not know. Due to the apparent discontent of some students with regard to housing assignments, Residential Life decided  speed- roomating would be a welcome addition to the current system.

Union will host a speed-roommating event on April 14th in Reamer 410 at 5:30 p.m. for current students looking for one or more roommates.Residential Life got the idea from other schools that offer the event.

Additionally, Duffy and Gardner urge students to steer clear from always choosing friends as their roommates. They warn that friends often have incompatible living tendencies, which can lead to strained relationships and tense living situations. Thus, through speed-roomating, Union hopes to have the same success as other universities in alleviating these kinds of issues.

The concept of speed roomating has not only been introduced and implemented on college campuses but is also becoming a popular tool for people looking for roommates or housing in cities throughout the U.S. and Europe. In fact, British company SpareRoom has become an increasingly popular organization to find a roommate through events, which they call speed-flatmating. The company also offers speed- roomating events in New York City.


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