Introducing Rho Gamma: Sorority recruitment process changes


By Madison Lipton

The Panhellenic Council recently instated a new Rho Gamma mentoring system for the 2010 sorority recruitment process. At least eight girls from each of the three sororities applied to the program but only four from each were selected. Pahellenic advisor Robert Hayes states that this process differs greatly from last year’s recruitment program because now “we actually have girls that want to be Rho Gammas instead of being forced into it.”

The twelve selected girls have to disaffiliate from their Greek organization this term until recruitment is over. However, they are now considered a Rho Gamma, and are allowed to wear the Rho Gamma letters with pride.

This new system also gives potential new members a face they can contact about recruitment since sorority members are prohibited from discussing the process. Rachel Biegelman ‘12 claims: “This process is a great way to avoid confusion for potential new members because the recruitment process can be very unclear at times.”

Once a Rho Gamma, the twelve girls are allowed to freely discuss anything with potential new members because their disaffiliation to their individual houses creates an unbiased playing field.

Last year’s mentoring system did not require any application and the disaffiliated mentors did not have another organization in which they were considered to be members. “I am very excited about this new system, and now I do not need to be upset about disaffiliating because I have the Rho Gammas to be a part of!” said Jaclyn Franco ‘13.

The Panhellenic Council has also urged each of the three sororities to conceal all of their mentors’ identities through tactics such as removing them from emails sent to house members and covering their faces in pictures throughout each of the houses. Hayes believes that the less each mentor knows about her individual house, the easier it will be for her to be as neutral as possible.

The new Rho Gammas will be announced in the next few weeks. The Panhellenic Council believes that this system is going to be better than ones in years past because it is something that the female students want to do and that they will actually enjoy being a part of a different organization until the end of recruitment.

“[We] think the Rho Gamma system is a great way for potential new sorority members to meet women of the Greek community wtih an unbiased mind. The new system allows for a confidential and safe environment for PNMs to confide in throughout the entire recruitment process. The Rho Gamma letters bridge all sororities under Panhel and show the true unity that is Greek life,” said Gamma Phi Beta sisters Maggie Weinreb ‘13 and Kim Klion ‘12.


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