Impact: Say ‘Yes’ to the Yes Men


By Erin Delman

As global activists rejoiced, Dow’s stocks plummeted and the company had to shamelessly remind people that it did not claim responsibility in India.

The mission of the Yes Men is admirable. It proves that corporate responsibility strongly and positively resonates throughout society. Also, it’s a blatant attack on greed, which deteriorates the foundation of a just society.

While their tactics are comedic and their hoaxes elaborate, Union College students should understand that their fundamental mission is simple: education. They use humor to raise awareness on pertinent issues, thereby expediting the process for activism and reform.One student who attended the presentation, Grace Delgado ‘14,  called it inspiring. “I think they are great examples of actions speaking louder than words,” she said.

So with that, I want to reintroduce you to the revived Concordiensis column, Impact on U. Every week, a new on-campus activist, initiative, or demonstration will be highlighted.

And while many of the events will affect only those within Union’s gates, this column will outline how everything we fight for or against is intricately and globally connected.

After all, we are college students, one of the most active and socially liberal demographics in the nation. It’s about time that we step up and start affecting change.


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