By Tamara Stone

Greek-affiliated students are typically required to live in their fraternity or sorority for one year (most commonly during junior year).  While the buildings are similar to the freshman dorms, what goes on inside is far from that. With no RAs or ‘house moms,’ living there is like one big sleepover party all year long!  While you won’t have the best amenities,  you will be living with a ton of your closest friends and will always have someone to order pizza with, borrow a dress from, or walk back from Schaffer during finals with. Don’t expect to get any work done when living in the house, though; it is much better to do your work at the library and come back in time to watch Monday night football or Gossip Girl with all your friends.  Most students love living in their Greek house, but are ready to move off campus by senior year.


Interested in Arts? Cooking? Diversity? Maybe a theme house is right for you! Meant to bring together those with similar interests, the theme houses give the feel of being off campus, with the perks of living on campus (a meal plan, and campus safety checks). There are no RAs, and one has the disposal of a kitchen, and other amenities available in a proper house.


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