Fresh(ens) out of luck: smoothies disappear


By Colleen Kilbourne

But, if you are like many of the other stressed-out Union students on campus, a delightful, low-calorie frozen yogurt treat from Freshens in Reamer can always cheer you up. Just a simple swipe of your declining and you are transported to dairy product bliss, forgetting the woes of the future and immersing yourself in the happiness of the moment.

You walk out of the humanities building with a new attitude and skip over to the campus center. You practically sprint through the main hall and veer left—only to find pure emptiness where Freshens once stood.

There are so many questions racing through your head. Where has Freshens gone? Why isn’t it here? Did I do something to deserve this?

The elimination of the Freshens frozen yogurt stand, while understandable, alters the setting of the Reamer Campus Center and leaves students without the plethora of choices once available.

While it is true that a beautiful Starbucks has opened in the new Wold Center, the vibrant and busy bustle once witnessed in Reamer cannot be duplicated without an additional frozen treat shop.

Coffee may be a lifesaver for many, but coffee is often for work, not play. No longer can the focused job of Starbucks be complemented with the airy and light job of Cookie Dough MicroBlast.

While it is an unfortunate reality that the frozen yogurt stand in Reamer is a thing of the past, the spirit of the Reamer Campus Center can be duplicated in the Wold Center if there were a treat shop to complement the Starbucks café. By doing so, life and vibrancy would pour into the new Wold Center, making both students and faculty eager to work and contribute to the campus community.


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