April showers bring more than just May flowers


By Gabriella Levine

The beginning of spring presents us with a Union that we may have forgotten during the long months of hibernating indoors against the brutal winter weather. As temperatures slowly climb day after day, the grass will become greener, the days longer, and the air sweeter.  Soon, the campus will inevitably fall into a state of sun-drenched exuberance.


Weather conditions aside, spring term has several other changes in store for us.

New to-go containers are being offered by dining services in West and Upper, but the practicality of these environmentally-friendly alternatives has already been questioned.

Freshman Class President Chris Sainato said, “I had originally voted against even bringing the containers on campus because I was concerned about their many problems:  they cost us [four] dollars up front; if you lose the key chain it’s another [four] dollars charge; and after eating the food you’re stuck with a dirty container to walk around with.”

Another less-than-ideal change on campus involves the bookstore, which now has stricter rules about the use of declining balance. Students may only place food or beverages on declining. Cosmetic products and other materials must be paid for with a bookstore account because they are taxable items. For those of you who don’t have one, it’s time to wire the connection to your parent’s credit card.

Further changes are apparent with the gorgeously-constructed Wold Center.  The building appears to be a success, but the new location of the Starbucks stand may be less favorable. Starbucks’s move has caused many coffee lovers and caffeine addicts to grumble as they make the short detour to grab their mocha lattes.

Finally, and most painfully, Reamer lost its beloved Freshens smoothie kiosk. Skellar is getting a different vendor to provide smoothies and frozen drinks to students; however, since Skellar is frequently visited in moments of intoxication on the weekends, this may only result in the mixture of delicious fruitful smoothies, alcoholic beverages, and greasy foods—a combination that may not sit too well in the stomach.


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