Spring break: Cancun or couch potato?


By Sasha Zuflacht

Two weeks. That’s all that separates us from the highly anticipated spring break. It all depends on your finals, but we’re hopeful that our exams will be early and we can finally be done with winter term.

Unlike other colleges, the trimester schedule is great because we typically never have work over breaks. We can leave Union with a clear head and enjoy our break to the fullest. No papers to write, no exams to study for; just a week or more of peace. The diverse student body of Union, I believe, is represented in the different ways we all spend our vacations.

When the term “spring break” is mentioned, we are typically programmed to think about the type of vacations we see in movies. The image of inebriated coeds going crazy in Cancun has every parent worried. Those are elaborate getaways most of us can only dream of.

But why should we limit spring break to just that? It is important not to forget the students who go home to work and spend time with family. There are also students who help out in community service projects. These might be considered alternative spring breaks for some, but for me they are just what I need after a stressful term. These types of breaks allow students to regain perspective.

Most college students are in need of money. Union College is an expense, and keeping up with this lifestyle can be difficult. There is not much recognition of the students who pay their way through college, or students that contribute to their own expenses.  Spring break is the perfect time to replenish your funds. The best experience one can gain is through working. Apart from this, your parents will be so proud!

In addition, a great deal of students head home for the week to spend time with their family. The students I know on campus all tend to have a great relationship with their parents and siblings and look forward to this time together. After a long winter term, nothing is more rewarding than having a home-cooked meal and doing nothing more than relaxing.

Spring break is an excellent time to catch up with the people you are closest to. If your term has been busy and chaotic, then you have probably failed to keep in touch with your family. With break you have the perfect opportunity to exchange stories and be around people you love.

For most of us, relaxing over break is the perfect remedy to a stressful term. However, there are students who still have energy to give back to the community.

Although a smaller amount of students participate in such programs, it is still commendable to recognize those who do. They allow you the ability to get away (maybe even outside the U.S.),  and nothing is more fulfilling than seeing a smile on a child’s face whose life you just brightened. These types of social service programs perfectly display the involved, enthusiastic and motivated student body Union fosters.

For those of you going to an exotic location, I won’t deny my jealousy. You have a great opportunity to soak in the sun and simply hang out. Is there any extra room for me? But, spring break is all about what you make of it, and we each define differently what a good spring break entails. No matter what, it’s about the people you are surrounded by.

I look forward to seeing everyone when we return. Some of you may have replenished your bank accounts, or feel refreshed after time with your family. Others may be ridiculously tan or feel fulfilled after giving back. So, whether you are at home or halfway across the world, happy spring break to all!


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