BURRITOS FOR HIRE: One student’s experience working at the locally famous burrito bar


By Sarah Rosenblum

Veggie chicken nuggets, burritos, and old ladies downing birthday margaritas may sound like an eclectic bunch of items, but it’s all in a day’s work for Vanessa Athanas ‘11.

Athanas applied for a job at Bombers Burrito Bar due to their proximity to campus and the flexibility. Now working three shifts a week, Athanas admits that “it is a big time commitment, around 15 hours a week. I work two-day shifts during the week, and one night or weekend shift.” However, she says that she is able to plan her work hours around her classes.

Athanas doesn’t have a car, so it is easier for her to work during the day. When she works at night, she is usually able to find a friend who will drop her off or loan out their car.

With a great group of coworkers and a 50% food discount, what isn’t there to love about this job? “One of the benefits of working here is we get a paycheck every week,” she said. “We get paid slightly more than the work-study jobs on campus, but they have the convenience of not having to leave campus, and don’t have to commit to as many hours.”

Athanas’s favorite items on the menu are their veggie chicken nuggets, even though she’s not even a vegetarian. She said she “also likes the salad options and everyone loves the wings.” She recommends coming in for lunch during the week since they have an inexpensive taco bar buffet.

Over the past few years, Athanas has been exposed to many different customers. However, one of her favorite stories to share is about an unusual mother-daughter pair celebrating a birthday. “One time, there were two elderly ladies who came in for their free birthday margarita. One was 75 and she came in with her daughter, and some of her friends,” she said.“It was one of the funniest days at work.”

Athanas says that the complimentary gigantic birthday margaritas don’t get out of hand, since people usually she with a large group of friends. “I think the sugar is what gets to you the most in those drinks,” she said.

“There are always a lot of drink and food specials going on and we will be having an upcoming Mardi Gras party,” Athanas said. “Bombers is clearly a fun atmosphere to work in.”


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