Back in action: WRUC resumes broadcasting


By Joshua Ostrer


For those involved or interested in the school’s radio station, WRUC (89.7 FM), they will be pleased to hear that WRUC lives.

Over the past eight weeks, four students have been working on repairing the station.

The radio station, which has been out of commission since the end of fall term, after broadcasting dead air brought to light many issues, has been fixed.

“It was a mess, we had to clean all of it out, there were some old cables that weren’t even connected to anything anymore,” said Victor Pagan, Assistant Technical Director of WRUC.

One big issue was fixing the autoplay functions of the radio station. However, new autoplay list scripts were written, which is necessary for BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.) reports. This was also necessary because radio stations must log all the music they play to meet FCC regulations.

Beyond the new scripts and other minor fixes, most of WRUC’s old computers have been replaced using funding from a Union Green Grant to improve efficiency and reduce the energy use of the radio station.

Currently the radio station is capable of broadcasting.

“It can broadcast, it just isn’t the greatest sounding thing right now.” said Pagan.

This past week, a new problem with the transmitters was discovered. It is the last fix needed to complete the re-vamp of the radio station.

The radio station is scheduled to hold its normal roster of shows immediately following this final fix.

While broadcasting will reurn to normal, work will go on behind the scenes to improve the reliability and performance of the radio station.

In the past, WRUC offered streaming online radio, and WRUC intends to have that return later this year.


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