SUPER BOWL ADS: Darth Vader and epic fails


By Caitlin Gardner

Every year you hear that the ads for the Super Bowl were worse than the last year.  While there were some mediocre ads this year, some of the better ones nearly outweighed the follies.

‘The Force’ (Volkswagen): This ad is a little slice of life into the mind of millions of kids exposed to the Star Wars phenomenon. Speaking as grown up version of that kid in the Vader suit, yeah, I really did try to use The Force. Sadly my parents did not enable my fantasies like this kid’s dad did from the kitchen, starting up the VW with his car keys. I already saw this ad in a longer version online a couple of days before so there was sadly no element of surprise.

‘Imported From Detroit’ (Chrysler): This is how you do righteously dramatic with the riff from Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”, Eminem himself driving a Chrysler 200, a church chorus, and images of the Motor City.  Everything said in that advertisement rang true to many Detroiters and it is a statement that transcends beyond advertising a new Chrysler model.

‘Groupon’: A gotcha joke with a semi-recognizable celebrity (Timothy Hutton) pulls us in about the plight of Tibet, only to advertise a website about getting good deals at Himalayan restaurants. It has to be one of the bigger epic fail ads in recent memory.  For a website I had never heard about, this was not a good first impression to say the least.

‘Release The Hounds’ (Audi): So in the absurd world of rich people prison do two guys escape with all of the bells, whistles, and Kenny G music thrown at them. One guy escapes in an Audi successfully and the other guy gets hoodwinked into going to the ‘old luxury’ Mercedes-Benz.

‘Finger Sucking and Pants-Ripping Good?’ (Doritos): Not since the Snickers Mechanic ad in 2007 has an ad stopped people in their tracks for all the wrong reasons.


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