Student Forum votes down DVD kiosk


By Ryan Semerad

This past fall, Student Forum surveyed approximately 350 students to see if they would be in favor of implementing a movie kiosk in Reamer. The kiosk would be similar to a Red Box in that students could go to the kiosk and rent films for short periods of time. The difference would be that rentals would be free—late fees aside—and it would be owned by Union, instead of a corporate entity. Despite generally favorable responses, Student Forum has decided not to install such a kiosk in Reamer.

Presently, Union students have two options for renting movies: Student Activities or the library. Both venues have a large variety of movies but the selections are markedly different in nature.

The Student Activities collection contains more of the latest popular films, whereas the library has a more diverse collection of both educational films and entertaining movies. The current state of affairs regarding video-rentals on campus is hence somewhat cumbersome for students because they have to look in two distinctly different locations, which each have their own hours of operation, to browse Union’s entire collection.

In lieu of the kiosk option, which would have been very costly, Student Forum is working on bringing Student Activities’ collection of movies to the library where they will be housed alongside the library’s collection. This would be a free alternative to the expensive and somewhat redundant movie kiosk idea. The only cost would be the time it would take to physically move the movies and reorganize the library’s shelves. Moreover, this change would consolidate the distribution of movies that currently exists on campus.

“It would cost approximately $20,000 [to install the movie kiosk],” said Student Trustee Randy Miller ‘12. “The tentative plan to move the movies located in Student Activities to the library would have no upfront cost and would eliminate the redundancy in the system as is.”

The real issue with the plan to install the kiosk was not student approval, but wasteful spending.

“When we look to spend that kind of money, we look for something that will improve the college as a whole in the long run,” said Student Forum President Andrew Churchill ‘11.

At the weekly meeting on Monday, Student Forum approved the plan and will proceed with moving the Student Activities collection to the library. According to Miller, the actual process of moving the movies would most likely take place during spring break.

“We’re waiting on finding space in the library and deciding on a good time to actually physically move [Student Activities’] collection,” said Miller. “Spring break would probably be the ideal time.”


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