Stellar second season of ‘Archer’ not in the ‘Danger Zone’


By Becca Seel

Archer came back with a stylized bang on Thursday night, picking up from the previous hilarious season. Saturated with sarcasm and satire, Archer has become the best animated show on television, as well as one of the better comedies.

H. Jon Benjamin is Sterling Archer, our dull-witted and dashing hero, who is presented with a conundrum: for once in his life he cannot have sex with the object of his attraction, here an underage Eurotrash German countess, which is rather humorous considering his penchant for prostitutes in the previous season.

Other favorites are back, including Lana (Aisha Tyler) the sassy, seventies-era super spy. Tyler is able to convey a range of sarcasm through her voice, with hilarious, withering one-liners galore. Malory Archer, voiced by the stellar Jessica Walter, aka Lucille Bluth, is still a fairly clueless avaricious alcoholic.

Some puns have carried over from the first season, such as Archer’s use of the word “phrasing” when his mother spouts sexually-laden comments, or a very unenthusiastic “hooray.”

Unfortunately I cannot report an instance of Archer’s use of the sing-songy “danger zone” from Top Gun, which was a fan favorite and extremely easy to adapt to real life.

Like fellow FX series (most notably, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), Archer is not afraid to go there, with content that might make Cartoon Network uneasy. To find something this delightful, much less original, on television is a rare treat.

Due to its content, Archer will never have a huge draw, but any fans of shows like Sunny and South Park will find a new favorite. The first season was impressive, and based off of this season’s premiere, Archer seems to have avoided the sophomore slump.

Fans everywhere are looking forward to more danger zones, fast-paced snark, and all of the different elements of this provocative show which make it—­so addictive.


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