Rediscovering Romance


By Jessica Doran

Dating at Union College has often been overlooked due to the hook-up culture we tend to be known for. These couples, however, have managed to make dating at Union and away from Union work for them. Their relationships have managed to last despite trying separation. We decided to highlight their relationships as testaments to Valentine’s Day!



Juniors Amanda Bauer ‘12 and Patrick Antoine know exactly how to keep a relationship low-key, laid-back and sweet at the same time. Other than work habits, both have similar personalities (Patrick likes the thrill of last-minute work while Amanda likes getting things done early). Both enjoy watching The Office and Celtics games together.

Catherine Elliott ‘11 and Jessica Sarrantonio ‘11 bring vivacity, excitement and cuteness to a whole new level. Both are very involved on campus, with classes and many extacurriculars, but at the end of the  day, they always manage to take a break and just catch up on the day together. It’s all about making the effort!

Sarah Dean ‘13 and Andrew Griffin ‘13 met nearly the first day of their freshmen year. Opposites certainly attract in this relationship though! Sarah is quieter than Andrew, who is very outgoing and can talk to just about anyone. But their differences make them complement each other.  Andrew is a member of the Sigma Phi fraternity and Sarah is a member of the Tri Delta sorority and enjoys tutoring at the Kenney Center.

How long have you two been dating?

Couple 1:  We’ve been dating for 2 years.

Couple 2: We didn’t start dating for another six months after meeting, when Jess asked me out. It’s going to be a year next week!

Couple 3: We started dating right after we met. It will be a year and a half next month!

What is it like to date at Union?

Couple 1:  It’s cool because we’re living close to each other this year. At a bigger school it might be harder to see each other. We run into each other throughout the day without meaning to. We have a lot of friends in common too.

Couple 2:  I feel like people are afraid of going on dates at Union. They see it as nerve wracking… but it is really nothing more than just hanging out.

Couple 3: Well, it’s easy because there are always a lot of little things going on to do together, but he also gets off easy because when we do something here he doesn’t have to take me out!

How did you first meet?

Couple 1: We met one of the first days of school, while taking the freshman picture inside the Nott.

Couple 2: When international students arrive at Union, they are assigned a buddy. Unfortunately (or rather fortunately, looking back on it!) Jess became my new buddy, and we’ve been hanging out ever since!

Couple 3: Well, we were officially introduced the second night of school because we lived on the same floor, but didn’t really talk much.  Then the next day I was helping my roommate with her bed risers and we were having some trouble so I asked him for help.  Then we realized we had a lot in common and hung out the rest of the day.

How does the separation affect you both?

Catherine: Not ideal…but we manage.  Jess came for three weeks in England.

Jess: I had way too much tea! But it was so much fun!

Catherine: We Skype over the summer… ten weeks isn’t the end of the world. These short breaks do not change our relationship at all!

Any plans for Valentine’s Day?

Couple 1: Just going out to dinner, then going to see The King’s Speech.

Couple 2: England celebrates Valentine’s Day, but unlike the United States, it is more of a holiday for adults. We never gave cards or got chocolates in grade school. Jess and I have no plans for Valentine’s Day. Our anniversary is in a week (one year!) so we’re planning a lot of fun things for that.

Couple 3: We’re doing the classic dinner and a movie, but sometimes he changes plans on me!


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