New possibility for Union dining


By Joshua Ostrer

If you’re a student looking for more options in Union’s dining halls, there might be a light at the end of the tunnel. Union has an opportunity to take advantage of Schenectady’s local food-market. Thunder Mountain Curry might be just what you are looking for.

Thunder Mountain Curry is a local group that serves Pan-Asian Cuisine. They boast recipes from Thailand, India, Indonesia and other countries in the Pacific Rim that are prepared daily with “special attention to authenticity.”

This emerging local group is also now a Sodexo product, the company that currently supplies Union’s dining halls. Thunder Mountain Curry is also conveniently located just down the street from Union campus, at the Schenectady Green Market.

However, the problem is Thunder Mountain Curry is also served at RPI. They currently service an entire dining hall at RPI, even providing lunch on a daily basis. Thunder Mountain Curry also advertises many gluten free, dairy free, and vegan friendly meals; many of which are also served at RPI.

The gluten/dairy free options which are presently limited, could be expanded, which students seem to appreciate. “I think it would give a lot of people a fresh new option, and an opportunity to try something new,” said Melissa Moskowitz ’14. Thunder Mountain Curry holds the possibility of expanding Union’s current dining options, an opportunity that seems to excite students.

When approached with the prospect of a new dining option here on campus, students were generally at a consensus. “It would be amazing” said Rahul Puntagunta ’14. When asked, many students also thought that Thunder Mountain Curry could be even more beneficial if it was open after West Dining Hall closes for lunch.

Thunder Mountain Curry has approached Union’s Dining Services in the hope that they can provide the same services to Union as provided to RPI. They are capable of supplying daily lunches, which could either be supplied to dining services for preparation, or physically come to Union to prepare the food themselves. The group also constantly emphasizes their ability to provide fresh food, prepared on a daily basis, to an entire campus.

However, as of yet, no one at dining services was able to provide a definite statement of the status or even existence of Thunder Mountain Curry approaching Union.

The question then becomes, why not here? Despite there currently being no definite answer, there are ways to speed up the process. Students can approach the Sodexo General Manager here at Union and emphasize the benefits of having Thunder Mountain Curry on campus. It’s just one step in improving the number of dining options available here at Union.


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