Love after Union


By Shilpa Darivemula

Some may believe that romantic relationships formed at Union College are eternally confined within the iron gates surrounding campus. However, last year we interviewed couple Megan Hyndman ’10 and Ben Miles ’10 about how they built up their relationship over their four years here. We decided to check back in with them and see what they are up to now, which is quite a bit different than where they were this time last year.

807U: How and where did Ben propose to you?

Megan: Ben proposed on June 8, 2010—the first day of senior week at Union.

Ben: After dinner I took her for a walk in the gardens and then we headed over to Old Chapel. I had it set up to be able to play “Everything” by Michael Buble over the speakers. I took her into the middle of the floor and told her why I loved her and how much she meant to me, got down on one knee, and asked her to marry me.

Megan:   After I (of course) said yes, he turned on our favorite song over the sound system and we danced. Suddenly, our friends and families came out and surprised us! It was beautiful and well thought-out.

807U: How is it being engaged and in grad school?

Ben: Busy. We have classes, work, wedding plans, bills to pay, food to make. It all adds up to being very busy.

Megan: We are both attending Rutgers University—I am getting my master’s in College Student Affairs and Ben is getting his Ph.D. in Mathematics. Being engaged at grad school is fine. Planning a wedding while at grad school, however, is stressful!

807U: What are your wedding plans?

Megan: We are getting married this summer in August. In fact, the ceremony is taking place at Union in Memorial Chapel! We felt that Union was the absolutely perfect place for us to tie the knot—it is where we met, became best friends, fell in love, and got engaged. Not to mention Memorial Chapel is gorgeous.

Ben: And the reception will be at Glen Sanders.

807U: How has your relationship changed since graduating Union?

Megan: Our relationship is pretty much the same. We are still attending the same school (just grad school now and not at Union) and so we are still in the same area and able to see each other every day.  I suppose the BIG change is that we are now engaged and planning our wedding, so our overall mindset has changed.  We are no longer just dating—we are planning and preparing for our future together.


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