Looking Back: Concordy through the ages


By Aviva Hope Rutkin

It is easy to get caught up in the everyday dramas of college life, and to forget the thousands of students who roamed Union’s historic campus long before us. This week, we look back on what Dutchmen were up to at this time of year.


20 YEARS AGO, February 14, 1991: An advertisement ran on page 18 inviting students to buy “Union College Telephone Gift Certificates” for their sweethearts. Oh, landlines; how little we miss you.

28 YEARS AGO, February 17, 1983: The humor magazine the Union Lampoone was founded. The Lampoone was originally inspired by a parody issue of the Concordiensis. (Hmm… interesting idea.) “If we do a quality job and we become an institution we will receive funding to put out an issue three times a year. This is really the make or break point,” said co-founder Paul Ginsberg. We wonder if Mr. Ginsberg ever looks up the Dutch Oven, and if it makes him proud.

35 YEARS AGO, February 18, 1976: Smoking in classrooms is officially banned… but only if someone else in the classroom raises an objection to it. “Some faculty felt that some students might misuse the privilege,” reads the front-page article, “leading to the undermining of good classroom relationships.”


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