leading to love


By Julia Friedman

Here’s the situation: you’re sitting in the library, trying to start a ten-page paper that’s due tomorrow, when you realize you’re out of Red Bull. There’s no way your paper is getting written unless you make a Reamer run. You stand up, ready to leave, dreading the frigid air that’s waiting for you outside, but wait… who is that hottie at five o’clock? You don’t know her, but you wish you did and now your life won’t be complete until you figure out who this lovely lady is. You could take the traditional route: walk over, introduce yourself, and strike up a casual conversation. But perhaps you’re feeling a little off your game. Let’s be honest here. This chick is smokin’ hot and you’re not mentally prepared. What’s a guy to do? My advice is to man up. Talk to her—this isn’t middle school. But if you honestly can’t muster up the courage, give her a shout out on

Like a Little is a website that allows college students to flirt anonymously. It’s free to use and you don’t need to create an account. Double bonus: the site is designed so that each campus has its own page, similar to a ‘wall’ on Facebook. Union’s account has been in use since December. Just type into your browser to get your flirt on.

Creating a post is easy. You’ll be asked to provide a description of your eye candy, including sex, hair color and whereabouts. Once you’ve established the basics, it’s time to get creative. One student writes to a brunette male in the Visual Arts Building, “You’ve the most amazing green eyes I’ve ever seen! I see you every time I go to Bio, but you’re leaving the building then. Talk to me instead of just smiling?” Another student describes a girl he saw at the Arts House Open Mic as “talented and gorgeous.”

Dating sites are becoming increasingly popular and it’s no surprise that these so- called ‘missed connection’ sites are too. The nice thing about Like A Little is that it’s exclusive to individual campuses as opposed to sites such as and the Classifieds on Craigslist, which can be overwhelming with so many users.

“I think with a smaller population it can work,” says junior Luke Mackenzie, “as opposed to the big one on craigslist. It could be entertaining.”

How do you feel about virtual flirtation? Lets weigh in and hear what other students have to say. “It’s hilarious,” laughs Steph Libous ’12. “It’s all freshmen though and you can tell. It’s not as good as Juicy Campus, but it’s a good alternative.” What if you read a post about you? “I’d be flattered,” says Taylor Reid ’12, “My self- esteem would sky rocket and I’d come to Reamer more often looking good.” Some students find the site to be a fail, including freshman Joe Maher who thinks the site is “kind of creepy.” Iesha Caisey ’14 considers both sides: “I think it’s a funny website. It’s kind of cool when you know the person who’s being described. But I also think it can get out of hand sometimes. It has its pros and cons.”

It looks as though the verdict is still out on this one, but check out Like a Little on your next study break. Who knows, someone might be checking you out. Aren’t you a little curious?


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