Let it be


By Tamara Stone

Sammi Adamson ‘13 got her tattoo the summer before entering college. “I was on vacation to see my real father and I actually had to call my mom to ask if it was okay,” she said.  “My mom, dad, and biological dad thought it was up to me to get a tattoo or not and when I did they liked the outcome and the reasoning behind it.”

She decided to get the empowering words in memory of a good friend and teammate from high school, Shannon James, who died in a tragic car accident involving a drunk driver her junior year. The death hit the whole community hard.  “My town is a very small community so saying that it is tight-knit is almost an understatement,”Adamson said. “We are very close as a community and though it can be troublesome to have everyone know your business, in times of need its very nice to have a whole community supporting you.”

She remembers standing with her friends at the wake and hearing the song ‘Let It Be’ by The Beatles play throughout the funeral home. This was the song that she sang at her friend’s vigil as well. When it came time to choose her tattoo, it became clear what she wanted eternalized on her foot.

“Since hearing that song at her wake and singing it since I realized after losing a friend too young that you have to just let it be, so in the memory of Shannon that’s how I try to live my life,” Adamson said. “Not worrying too much and enjoying the little things in life,” is the motto by which Adamson lives in honor her lost friend.


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