The Hungry Dutchman: Places to grab drinks around the U


By Guss Firestein

College students of legal drinking age tend to purchase budgeted alcoholic drinks rather then splurge for $15 martinis or $6 Guinness. Surrounding campus are several establishments that offer great mixed drinks for prices that won’t leave your wallet empty.

Bombers has a great selection of beers and will often have a “guest keg,” a keg they don’t consistently have on tap. The drink I suggest here is the Jimbo, named after the Vice President (Jimmy). For those who prefer fruity drinks, you’re in luck because they offer a flavored Jimbo as well. The regular Jimbo consists of half margarita and half Dos Equis and the Jimberry is made of half Blue Moon and half frozen strawberry margarita.

One drink I tried at Bangkok Bistro that was truly unique was the Dirty Girl Scout. This drink consists of vanilla vodka, crème de cocoa, crème de menthe, and Irish cream. This drink is really good but a little heavy on the crème. It can be purchased for $8. On Wednesdays it’s only $4.

For my third drink suggestion I ventured into the Stockade to The Van Dyke. I was advised to try the Grapefruit Cooler, their summer drink, seeing as warmer weather is not far away. This drink consists of Finlandia grapefruit vodka, lemonade, and a splash of cranberry juice. This drink can be purchased for $8 and while it wasn’t as intense as some of the other drinks I sampled, I would definitely welcome it come springtime.


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