Body Art


By Tess Skoller

Tattoos. Many people have them, but little people know the meaning behind the mysterious markings. Some chose to remember a fallen relative or friend, some have no meaning at all. We’ve decided to ask students around campus about why they chose to have the ink added to their body for permanent residence.

‘I got the tattoo the day before my 22nd birthday. It’s my grandpa’s signature and he basically raised me until I was 15 and he passed away. He’s been the father figure in my life and I’ve been missing him ever since. It’s a way to honor him and show how important he is to me in my life.’

—Lorry Xie ‘11

‘I got my tattoo for a few reasons mainly becasue of my grandfather. My tattoo is the ohm symbol, the main symbol for Hinduism and in it there is a Hindu God. While I may not be the most religious, my grandfather was very religious and spiritual. Under the symbol it says, in Sanskrit, the ‘absolute truth’ and together it all means ohm is the absolute truth. That is the basis of all Hinduism and yoga and my grandfather was a yoga master. The second reason I got it was because I am an artist and I believe that I should bear artwork with me.’


— Vishnu Gollakota ’12

“During my childhood in Ecuador, my dad and I bonded over breakfast facing the big kitchen window every morning, waiting for the hummingbirds to come and hover over the flowers in our backyard. Sometimes a dozen of them would come and stay for a couple of minutes. That is the happiest memory I have of my father and I spending time together. He is stuck in Ecuador, his homeland, since he got deported nine years ago and I can only go visit whenever I have enough money. To keep his presence with me at all times, I tattooed a beautiful, abstract design of a hummingbird on my thigh. It took five long hours—the pain was unbearable at some points—but now it feels like a breath of fresh air every time I look down and see my most precious memory engraved in me forever.”

— Grace Delgado ‘14


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