An old Union tradition


By Tess Skoller

An alumni reminisces about the The Saratoga Springs Chi Psi Beer Rally which was sponsored by Chi Psi. It involved driving from Chi Psi’s old fraternity house (‘The Lodge’) to downtown Saratoga Springs, and on the way stopping at 14 bars. Everyone was invited. And don’t worry, there was a designated driver!

1. Like a typical “road rally,” there was some specific time that everyone was supposed to complete the rally in, but most just tried to complete it as fast as possible. Cars started at different intervals and every year there were 30 or so teams. In Saratoga Springs drinkers had to run to the last bar, Barclays, from the second to last, The Hub, about 1/4 mile or so.

2. The driver would pull up to the bar, and the drinkers would run in. They would have the money for four beers pre-arranged in an envelope for each bar. The beers would be waiting for the team on the bar. The drinkers would chug the beers, run back to the car, and proceed to the next bar.

3. The beer rally was an event for locals as well. In Ballston Spa, two of the four stops were so close together that it was easier for the drinkers to run rather than drive. Many drinkers would throw up on the way. This became so commonplace that the local fire department kept a fire truck on hand to hose down the street. Pretty disgusting, huh?


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