Top FIVE ways to stay warm


By Shilpa Darivemula

Many Union College students have experienced the feeling of sitting in their dorm room on any given Friday night, wishing they could be out with their friends. What’s stopping them, you might ask? Maybe that blizzard that recently trounced the East Coast? Or maybe they fear being blown over by the severe wind tunnel that exist between the Nott and the buildings on either side. Fret no longer, because we here at 807 Union Street have thought long and hard for solutions to your weekend worries! Here is our top five ways to staying warm during these next ten, very cold weeks.

5. Be sure to wear warm clothes. Tank-tops are especially NOT acceptable) while traversing the campus. Who wouldn’t want to sacrifice fashion to not get frostbite? Always consider wearing layers that you can leave in a friend’s room when you get to a final destination!

4. Travel in big packs of people! Huddling is the best way to stay warm and it’s also a good way to find new love! Just tell the person you’re interested in that you will be their windbreaker when you get to those especially windy locations by the Nott!

3. Pregame close to where you plan on going out. With all of the winter snowstorms behind and ahead of us, there’s always going to be ice and you’re more prone to slipping if you have to travel farther to your location! And girls, don’t wear extremely high heels out. You’re only asking for an accident.

2. Wear an old coat or sweatshirt out so it doesn’t fall into the mysterious black hole that eats any and all coats with which it comes into contact. Be sure that when you put your coat down, you tie the sleeves together with your friends’ coats!

1. Take the trolley! Stay warm and safe in the bus. Avoid those long, cold walks up to Frat Row in the winter! Here’s the contact information for the trolley if you’re ever in need: (518) 388-6911.


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