The iPhone (finally) comes to Verizon: Long shackled to AT&T, Apple’s best-selling smartphone comes to America’s largest wireless network this spring


By Joshua Ostrer

After years of speculation,  Verizon wireless is scheduled to release the iPhone to its users this winter. The newest addition to Verizon’s roster of smartphones will be available to current Verizon customers February 2, and released in Verizon stores on Feb. 10.

The Verizon iPhone is believed to feature all of the same capabilities as the current AT&T version. However, given limits in the CDMA technology used by Verizon, it remains unknown if iPhone users will be able to check email while conducting a phone call simultaneously.

However, the Verizon iPhone also adds the ability to use the phone as a mobile wifi hotspot, a feature shared with many of Verizon’s Andiod phones. The Verizon iPhone will also sport the same prices as its AT&T counterpart: 32GB for $199 and 64GB for $299.

Verizon’s release-model will be a modified iPhone 4, the model that AT&T users currently have available. However, with the iPhone 5 scheduled to release in June, prospective iPhone users will have a difficult decision to make.

Additionally, Verizon is extending its policy on upgrades from 12 to 20 months, so hasty iPhone 4 customers will see a number of improved models before they are able to actually upgrade.

It’s also worth noting that for customers who decide to switch, they won’t be able to bring their phone with them since Verizon and AT&T use incompatitble CDMA and GSM technology, and the phones don’t support both.


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