The Hungry Dutchman: Union Deli


By Guss Firestein

For those starving students without cars craving a deli sandwich within walking distance, you’re in luck!

A new deli has recently opened on Union Street called Union Deli (not surprisingly).

It is located on the corner of North Jay Street and Union Street and has been open for roughly five weeks.

I remember hearing a rumor of a deli opening last term but did not see any signs of a new place opening on Union Street.

What did open, however, is a sight for sore eyes. Located between Union Inn and the train tracks.

It’s pretty much the only establishment on the strip except for Kabul Nights, surrounded by a wide variety of ‘for rent’ and ‘for sale’ signs.

While I myself tend to frequent La Gioia and occasionally Gershon’s Kosher Deli, I decided to check out the place for myself and find out what it was all about.             While I will give the place the benefit of the doubt because it just opened, I wouldn’t call it a deli but more of a convenience store.

The owner previously owned Arizona Pizza & Deli which was on Barrett Street and closed after the owner of the building planned on knocking it down to build an apartment building.

For those of us who remember Arizona Pizza & Deli, this new place will pretty much be the same type of establishment. However, Union Deli still has a long way to go.

Right now, Union Deli has a small deli meat selection and your typical convenience store line-up: pancake mix, bread, soda, chips, and the likes.

As the meat selection was very limited, I decided against grabbing a sandwich.

They are expecting to start selling pizza and chicken in a couple weeks but until then, it doesn’t seem like there are a lot of options.

While this might not be your steady food spot at the moment, keep your eyes out for this joint and hopefully when they get the pizza rolling out, it’ll be worth the trip. Until then, be on the lookout!


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