Sophomore Sentiments


By Gabe Sturges

As I pensively write this article, due date eking ever closer, I can’t help but steal a forlorn glance at the snow-blanketed campus, only several months ago alive under the autumn sun. The seasonal juxtaposition seems so sudden, so abrupt—could it really be a full 12 months since I last felt the same winter doldrums? Alas, it is so; another year has passed expediently before my eyes. Before I set sight on what is ahead—the rest of 2011—I feel it is only fitting to reflect upon the happenings of the year past—and, thanks to the Concordiensis archives, I can share them with all of you.

As the stage was erected outside of West Beach in May 2010, one thing comes to mind for nearly the entirety of the student body—Springfest. Ah, Springfest, what a beloved warm weather tradition.  By any account a sun-drenched, high-spirited concert, free to the student body and so many of their dear hometown friends. By any account, this is the case. I, on the other hand, wouldn’t know, as I and many other members of the sports playing student body had an athletic contest the very same day.  Perhaps all is for the best, though. Maybe Springfest should be remembered in the same vein as the 1960s: if you remember Springfest, you weren’t there.

Time is such a fickle mistress. It wears away even the most pervasive issues, none of which perturbed Union administrators and many parents more than the infamous “number 13 party school rating” issued by the Princeton review. However, with over a year to quell the appalling accolade, I am happy to say that Union College is no longer part of such a group. While the Trustees and Deans are breathing a sigh of relief, sure to see Union’s rankings rise, we must remember the atrocities committed against the students. Perhaps to gain the approval of the student body, college administrators should offer a refund to all the students who so happily wasted $20 on those “We Want U to be #1- Union College #13 Party School” T-shirts.

I feel it is only fitting to end such an article with a story of true hope from the outside world—one that exemplifies the strength and tenacity of the human spirit. After five excruciating months, the 33-trapped Chilean miners were rescued.

While the story speaks highly of the Chilean government’s efforts and the determination of miners themselves, a tip of the hat must be directed to the P.R. department at Oakley sunglasses. In what may be the most ingenious bit of product placement ever, each miner was given a very flashy pair of new sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sun.  Perhaps the only more fitting product placement would have been a Sham-wow for the miners to wipe the dirt off their faces.

So, with yet another year come and gone, we close our eyes to the year past and look to the next, hoping that something exciting enough happens so I can write this same article next year.


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