Residents, get ready to DO IT IN THE DARK


By Caroline Hershey

“Do it in the dark.”

We’ve all undoubtedly noticed this mysterious innuendo on posters and cardboard signs around campus, and it has had many wondering what all the hype is about.

A collaborative effort between Ozone House, Environmental Club, and U-Sustain, Do it in the Dark is an energy-saving competition between residences that will begin this week as part of a campus-wide effort to promote a more efficient and eco-friendly Union.

“Essentially we are asking for one individual to sign up their residence however big or small and act as the main contact,” said  U-Sustain Student Co-chair and Environmental Club President Meghan Haley-Quigley ‘11 in response to details of the competition.

Sign-ups took place last week and approximately fifteen residences have accepted the challenge.

After a residence is officially registered in the competition, the representative for each residence will need to complete tasks such as attending a training session on how to read a meter and how to report the reading on a bi-weekly basis.

[pullquote]“We would like Union students to act in environmentally responsible ways, and also realize that it is not too difficult to do so.”Meghan Haley-Quigley ‘11, Environmental Club President[/pullquote]

For one month, the students administering the competition will track each residence’s readings and establish a reading to which energy usage can be compared to in future years.

“Overall, the event is an effort to inspire students to conserve energy,” added Haley-Quigley.

On Wednesday night at Breazzano House, U-Sustain kicked off the event with a dance party featuring DJ ROBOTRIX. The night was a success in educating students  about the upcoming competition and getting them excited for it to commence.

“Do it in the Dark is a simple event that will be great for raising awareness for people not involved in environmental organizations on campus,” said U- Sustain member Stacie Schwartz ‘13.

Not only is Do It in the Dark a creative, fun way for campus residences to compete for a good cause, it is also a wake-up call to the Union community about the importance of a major environmental issue that has a direct effect on the college.

“Energy consumption is the largest portion of Union’s carbon footprint that the students have enormous control over. We would like Union students to act in environmentally responsible ways, and also realize that it is not too difficult to do so,” said Haley-Quigley.

In order to help reduce Union’s carbon footprint, campus members only have to make a few small changes to their daily habits. The winning residence will receive an undisclosed prize at the end of the competition and the sponsors hope that this competition will become an annual winter term tradition.

So turn off your lights, turn down the heat, unplug your chargers and get ready to “do it in the dark!”


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