‘Prince Charming’ takes the poster prize


By Jill Radwin

The Union College Student Forum and Dean of Students office recently selected Danielle Kreig ‘12 as the winner of the Sexual Assault Poster Campaign contest, which was extended from last term.

Danielle’s winning poster, entitled “What happens when Prince Charming isn’t so charming?” will be displayed around campus in the coming weeks as a supplement to the Sexual Assault Campaign. Kreig is also the winner of a new iPad, which will be paid for by the Dean of Students Office.

“The poster campaign received over 30 submissions of exemplary quality. After receiving all of the submissions,  the co-chairs of the Student Forum Subcommittee on Sexual Assault working with Dean Leavitt selected seven finalists for the entire Student Forum to vote on,” said Student Trustee Randy Miller ‘12.

Although Kreig is not an art major, she has some experience designing posters for her old dance company. Her submission, which reflects this experience, depicts an alluring pose of a young man and woman dancing together.

“I got the idea for this poster after hearing friends and other girls around campus talking about why they could never find nice guys at parties or about how hooking up with different guys were mistakes and made them feel bad about themselves. It seems like every girl is looking for their ‘Prince Charming’ in places that will probably not yield any real connections other than the physical kind and they don’t really think about the consequences that could accompany their actions,” said Kreig.

The poster also reveals national statistics about sexual assault provided by www. oneinfourUSA.org. Kreig was most shocked to learn that approximately 80% of victims of assault know their assailant. Although these statistics do not necessarily convey an accurate representation of sexual assault on the Union College campus, Kreig hopes that publishing the numbers will raise awareness to prevent sexual assault.

“I hope it causes people to be a little more mindful of their actions and the consequences that can occur if you don’t take precautions,” she said.

The committee judged the poster submissions according to four criteria: creativity, effort, ability to stimulate conversation, and message.

“The committee most heavily looked for messages which conveyed the realities of sexual assault and will get conversation started around campus most effectively,” said Miller.  The runners up for the competition will each receive $20 from the Gordie Foundation for their contributions.

This year, in addition to the poster competition, the Sexual Assault Campaign hosted leadership workshops and a guest speaker to increase awareness and conversations about responsible sex on campus.

The initiative will continue conversations on the subject throughout the year and anyone who has an idea for preventing sexual assault on campus is encouraged to get in contact with Student Forum.


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