Our new staff positions


By Ajay Major

Grace Delgado ‘14 is a Geology and Fine Studio arts double major from Worchester, Massachusetts who is joining us as an assistant photo editor. Grace enjoys photography, playing volleyball for the intermural team, and hanging out with her Posse friends. Grace would love to travel and work for National Geographic in the future and has covered her room in photos of hummingbirds.

Jen Taubes ‘14 is an undecided major from Scarsdale, New York who is joining our staff as a graphic designer. On campus, Jen enjoys running, reading, coming to the Concordy office, and hanging out with her friends. She also loves making cutesy graphics. When Jen grows up, she wants to work in marketing and advertising.

Gabrielle Contelmo ‘11 is a Psychology major and English and History minor who joined the staff as an assistant layout editor last fall and has stepped up to Sports Editor for the winter. Aside from being an incredibly active member of the Concordiensis, Gabrielle is working hard on her applications for doctorate programs in English and Psychology.

Trevor Martin ‘14 is a Philosophy major from Catskill, New York and is joining us this winter as an assistant photo editor. Trevor enjoys going to debate meets, speaking foreign languages, and taking photos of the beautiful campus. Trevor aspires to be a civil lawyer after Union and carries a copy of New York Penal Code in the backseat of his car.


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