NBC’s ‘Comedy Night Done Right’ equal parts hilarity and mediocrity


By Becca Seel

NBC has always excelled in its comedy programming. Community, Perfect Couples, The Office, Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, and Outsourced vary from modern classics to blatant racism, hilarity to mediocrity. Here’s a breakdown of what to watch on NBC Thursday nights.

Community: Community is a snarky, satirical show full of parody, meta, and homage. This show is absurd and farcical. It is also hilarious. A-

Perfect Couples: Optimistically, it could be the next Parks and Rec should it find its groove with better-paced episodes and fleshed-out characters. Currently, though, the pilot is shaky but improves upon second viewing. B

The Office: A post-Michael Scott edition is hard to imagine but many cannot wait for the transition. Can we just close the books and move onto the next stage of the show? B-

Parks and Recreation: Parks and Rec is in fine form from last season, with the additions of Rob Lowe and the delightfully snide Adam Scott. Ron Swanson remains one of the most epic characters on television, with his creation of the awe-inspiring Pyramid of Greatness. Endearing characters, well-written episodes: what’s not to love? A-

30 Rock: What more can be said about this gem of a show, which crams so much comedy into so little time? Only that the cast remains stellar, humor abounds, and Tina Fey in a pillbox hat does an imitation of Drew Barrymore’s impression of that crazy lady from Grey Gardens. A

Outsourced: Only a network in as much ratings turmoil as NBC could think a really appealing show in a recession would be a low-brow comedy about outsourcing jobs to India. The show’s lazy writing and the barely registering leading man are enough for me to not care. D


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