Nature in the dead of winter?


By Rachel Steiner

Of Weeds and Wilderness: Nature in Black and White is the new winter term exhibition that will be running from Jan. 13 through March 13. It is an exhibition that features artists who have devoted their passion to various type of expression, ranging from drawings to photographs.

This display consists of seventeen talented and intricate artists, including Charles Steckler, Desiree Alvarez, and Hedya Klein. The various artists portray certain views of the natural world in their own ways, whether it be subtle, concerned, or even inspired. Each of these individuals have their own way of expressing a form of nature.

While exploring the exhibit, it is hard to miss the ghost-like, yet angelic pieces by Desiree Alvarez. Her piece entitled “The Contents of the Falconer’s Bag,” is made with ink, drawing, and woodcut in fabric. The image of the floating pieces of nature truly entrances the eye.

Hedya Klein’s work “Still-a-Life,” is an intriguing piece and is also one that catches your attention as it is a fascinating way to express nature through hand-drawn animation.

Charles Steckler, a talented artist who does stage design in the Union Theater Department, caught my eye with his expressions of nature. His pieces are ones that cause you to think you have seen all of the intricate details, but somehow, more comes through.

Of course, describing all seventeen artists would give it all away. You must physically experience the beauty of the display for yourself, in person, to be moved by its beauty.

If you have not had the opportunity to see this exhibit, don’t worry! Not only is it on display until March 13, Union College will also be holding an Exhibition Reception and Gallery Talk with several of the display’s artists on Feb. 10. The event will take place from 5 to 7 p.m. in the Nott Memorial.


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