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By Letter to the Editor

Submitted by Brian Karimi ‘12, World Views Editor, in response to last week’s Letter to the Editor

In last week’s edition, Jeffrey King ‘11 made a call for us to not point fingers in the tragedy involving Representative Gabrielle Giffords (D, Ariz.).

It was admirable but terribly back-handed.

Commenting on Krugman’s suggestion that the Tea Party might be in part to blame for the shootings, King writes, “But when we begin to point fingers and start playing the blame game, we lose our democratic principals.”

If King had left us here, he might have transformed his diatribe into a valuable lesson for his peers. He might also have provided these pages with an example of a well-formed argument. He might have guided us. At all three, Mr. King failed.

King explains, “Among Loughner’s favorite books is the liberal bible, Karl Marx’s The Communist Manifesto.” He goes on to say,  “Loughner also ardors flag burning videos and proclaims to be an atheist. Subsequent media interviews with friends who knew the shooter bluntly labeled Loughner as a ‘left wing liberal.’”

For most of us, Mr. King’s hypocrisy is so blatantly obvious it slaps you across the face: don’t point fingers at those he sympathizes with— it is fine, though, to point fingers in the opposite direction.

In mere paragraphs, King both lectures us on how not to lose our democratic principles and then commits the crime himself.

“How about you devote your time to tinkering with your Keynesian economic theorems that don’t seem to be working out so well these days,” King snickers at the end, referring to Krugman.

If you take anything from King’s contribution, take it as an example of how not to conduct yourself, especially on the pages of a college newspaper.

Brian Karimi ‘12


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