Five ways to beat the winter blues


By Jessica Doran

Has the dreary winter weather finally hit you? Have you been hiding in Schaffer desperately trying to avoid the wind tunnel? We’ve officially reached Union’s finest weather: temperatures in the negative digits. If fuzzy socks and hiding in your bed aren’t enough to lift your mood anymore, try some of these tips to keep warm and happy during winter term!

5. Go to the hockey games: With a team ranked nationally at #13, who wouldn’t want to go and see a game!? Support Union and go cheer on the hockey team at their home games! It’s a great way to socialize with your friends and is an exciting boost to the winter routine.

4. Have study parties: Get your friends together to do work instead of going to the library. It will get you out of the studying rut with a new atmosphere. The change in scenery will give you motivation to get your work done too!

3. Rearrange your common room: If you rearrange the stuff in your room, it will help you keep it clean along with giving you a new study haven.  Try a setup that allows for more light to enter your room so you can avoid the winter darkness that infests college dorm rooms.

2. Make a hazelnut hot chocolate: My personal favorite drink for the winter:, half hot chocolate, half hazelnut coffee.  The coffee will give you a caffeine boost, and hot cocoa is the best for when you want to keep warm.

1. Go to the gym: Hit the elliptical and the treadmill just to get your blood pumping.  It gives you an extra boost to get your work done, ups your metabolism, and keeps you warm.


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