By Sarah Rosenblum

After watching The Parent Trap and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movies at far too many sleepover parties, I always wondered what it would be like to have a twin. While it’s the norm for twins to be schooled together through their grammar school years, college provides twins a different experience whether they choose to stay together or not. While others look forward to finally asserting their own individual identity and attending different colleges, some twins can’t imagine parting ways after having grown up doing everything together. I spoke to different twins on campus to get the low down on what it’s like to be a twin at Union College.

Bridget Graham ‘09 loved going to Union with her identical twin Kaitlin Graham ‘09.  Bridget is now working in the Becker Career Center at Union, and Kaitlin is working for General Electric in South Carolina. The Grahams were roommates their freshmen and sophomore years. Kaitlin played soccer and Bridget played volleyball, which gave them the chance to branch out.  Bridget pledged Delta Delta Delta her sophomore year and lived in the sorority house her junior year. Everyone called it their ‘divorce’ since they lived apart from each other for the first time and had to split up their belongings. They didn’t see each other as frequently that year, but by senior year they were living together again with friends on Seward Place. Bridget always appreciated having someone from her family to lean on at school. She talks to Kaitlin every day on the phone and they are still very close.

With Skype, BBM, iPhone Facetime, and Gmail instant messaging, it has never been easier to keep in touch with family. With just a click of a button, you can update your sibling on your weekend activities.  You can send them a picture of you in front of the Nott covered with snow, or record live video from the Dutchmen hockey game to send via email.  Getting to ‘share’ these experiences with them makes it feel like they are almost on campus with you, whether they are studying abroad in Japan or just a dorm room away. And who knows, pretty soon Apple might just invent something that lets siblings transport themselves to Union for the day. Hopefully not while we are in college though, because everyone needs a little time apart—even twins.


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