Don’t you wish you could sing? A cappella concert showcases talented Union performers


By Lia DAmbrosio

At the Nott Just Union A Cappella show last Thursday evening, the Nott Memorial was filled with the powerful voices of the Union College Dutch Pipers, Eliphalets, and the Garnet Minstrelles, along with the Hamilton College Buffers and RPI’s Duly Noted. The Union and Hamilton College a cappella groups are comprised of  very talented individuals who can sing wonderfully and perform even better.

I found myself wishing I were more musically talented as I stood there with my eyes wide and jaw dropped, intently focused on the stage. Looking around, I could tell that everyone else was feeling the same way.

Each group performed with energy and engaged the audience with their charm, good humor, and fantastic singing, making the performance-pleasing to both the ears and the eyes.

The five very talented groups sang a wide variety of songs including “Oops I Did It Again,” “I Want It That Way,” “Bad Romance,” “Thriller,” and “Cecelia,” intertwining the classics with some of today’s most popular songs.

Taking us back a few years, the Hamilton College Buffers (an all-male group) put on quite the rendition of TLC’s hit “Bills,” giving the audience a good laugh.

Duly Noted impressed us with their precise choreography and vocal abilities with their rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” All of the groups brought different style and talent to the stage and left the audience craving an encore.

The Union College a cappella groups will be performing on Saturday, Feb. 26, at Proctor’s Theatre in their biggest show of the year, “Thruway: The Sing Off.” Tickets can be bought online through Proctor’s at the end of the month. Get yours early; they are certain to go fast!


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