Dining Services searches for new director


By Jill Radwin

Union College Dining Services is ushering in the new year with a search for a new department director. The director will replace Dan Detora, who left toward the end of last spring term. Detora is currently employed by Sodexo Food Services, one of the largest food services and management companies in the world and currently responsible for managing Union’s Dining Services.

Callie Stacey is acting as Interim Director until the school finds someone to occupy the position. Before taking on the role of Interim Director, Stacey worked in Dining Services as the Director of Operations/Catering.

Dining Services anticipates finding a new member for the team in the next few months and seeks candidates with previous experience in university dining or other large-scale institutions.

“Candidates must be able to oversee the management staff, in addition to the hourly employees,” said Stacey. Detora, for example, was hired from a hospital setting. “In the end, it comes down to personality and experience.”

The candidates will then be interviewed by a group of students and an administrator. The students involved will either be those who work in Dining Services or are part of the Dining Committee.

So far, several candidates have been selected for interviews. Three candidates come from university settings, one of which is from a community college; another has experience in a hospital setting. These candidates will undergo a series of interviews with the District Manager at Sodexo, whom the department director reports to on a regular basis.

Will the hiring of a new director mean changes for Dining Services at Union? Stacey says no. “There won’t be any negative effects of somebody new. We plan to work with the new director so that there is no interruption of services. The interview process is very involved to make sure we have the right person,” she said.

Dining Services still plans to move forward with sustainability initiatives. Although there is no plan in place to expand O3, Dining Services plans to offer more organic food options throughout the department.

“We are always trying to improve,” concluded Stacey.


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