Cream of the crop study spots


By Kelly Krause

When students finally decide they can no longer procrastinate their studies, the large majority automatically head to the library, giving no consideration to the various other study spots around campus. It can be almost impossible to find a seat in the library, especially during finals, and many are forced into the dungeon-like basement where there is no cell phone service or windows, and it’s impossible to tell what time of day it is without a watch. Depending on what kind of study environment a student is looking for, there are more quiet and more comfortable areas to study on campus that have been long undervalued.

The most unused study spot is the Nott Memorial. Large desks placed next to stained-glass windows on the third floor make it a much more aesthetically pleasing study environment than the library. Most students overlook the Nott on their way to the library; it is often completely vacant, making it one of the quietest buildings on campus. Frequently the only soul in the Nott is the security guard on the second floor; if quiet is what you’re looking for, the Nott is the place to work. Not only is it a beautiful and quiet place to study, it’s in optimal proximity to Reamer (even closer than the library), so you won’t freeze on a caffeine or munchies run.

Students should try out the Minerva houses, especially if you’re with a study group and want to be able to speak louder than a whisper. There are snug classrooms in each Minerva (however, during the day you may be interrupted by a class) as well as big, comfy couches to stretch out on, and T.V.s to switch on if you need a study break. Additionally, if you’re in need of coffee or tea you need walk no further than the kitchen, where there are Keurig coffeemakers, as well as tea and hot chocolate.

For  students short on cash (which, let’s face it, is all of us)  you can bring your own food to a Minerva and keep it in the fridge while you study.

This avoids a trip to Reamer through the Arctic tundra and also saves you money. In terms of which Minerva to choose, Beuth may be the prime Minerva house to study at, due to its massage chairs that are perfect for stressed studiers. Also, if you don’t bring your own food, Rathskeller isn’t too far away.

Union puts a lot of money into Minerva houses (and it’s your money), so next time you pack up your books to study, try out a Minerva instead of the library. If you’re in need of peace and quiet, head to the Nott. Even students who do like the library for studying could always use a change of scenery. No one enjoys studying, but make it as painless as possible (and even cozy) by trying something new.


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