Letter to the Editor: Cindy Pierece’s orgasms – A student speaks out


By Letter to the Editor

Sex. Ask anyone who went, and they’ll tell you that Cindy Pierece’s lecture on Jan. 10 addressed a lot of this, and not so much assault. To Student Forum’s credit, they brought a speaker who certainly stole the show; however, she hardly addressed the topic at hand. Reiterating the story of her first orgasm in the woman’s restroom of her school’s library isn’t exactly hitting the bases of date rape and assault. If anything, Pierece’s lecture moved our campus backwards in its “effort” to defend its students from sexual assault. Her seemingly non-stop humor and uncensored personal accounts detracted from the few short minutes that she actually spent covering campus rape. 50% of the audience was laughing because of genuine discomfort, and the other 50% sat stoically in their places and refused to look at the stage. Comments like, ‘wrap your monkey before you get funky’ don’t exactly scream “HEY!  Think twice before you try to hook up with that person.”

The reality of the situation is that rape is a huge problem here.  In Union’s Survey on Sexual Assault, 16 of 290 women said that they had been raped and 45 have been bullied into engaging in sexual activities. This goes without saying, but this statistic is not okay. When the school sponsors a speaker to come and address us about sexual assault, and the speaker spends 80% of the lecture making jokes about orgasms and mens’ inability to know what women want, the school is allowing the problem to persist as opposed to making strides to stop it.

Amy Hunter, Class of 2013


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