What would Union be without the Nott?


By Aria Walfrand

Life without the Nott? What kind of question is that? Union wouldn’t exist without that building! I mean I can’t even imagine my daily commute to classes or trying to give directions with referencing that 16-sided beacon of knowledge that sits squarely in the middle of our school’s campus. Let me try to think through this rationally…if there was no Nott, then that means Eliphalet probably didn’t exist, which means not only would we not have the only 16-sided building in North America, but we might not have one of the most amazing co-ed acapella groups I’ve ever heard. Or what about Arts for Progress? Admissions panel sessions? STEINMETZ DANCE PERFORMANCE?!

What would be in its place?  Maybe the Chester Arthur statue would be made 10 times larger and placed in on that hill. OR maybe that little hill thing could be flattened and the rugby field would be a million times larger so there could be more space for rugby and Frisbee and other outdoor activities…we could start and ULTIMATE GOLF team or something…

And if another building was there? Hmm…that’s something I can’t even fathom. Maybe a larger version of the Unity Room that we have in Reamer could be built…the Unity Nott?

The point is, the Nott is a pretty essential part of our campus. It’s a piece of history. It’s beautiful. Functional. We run around it (naked?). And if I were asked to actually seriously consider what the school would be like its absence, I really don’t think I could. It’s the first thing I remember pulling into campus my junior year of high school and its been stuck there ever since. Without that building, Union would NOTT (get it!?) be the same.


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