Sophomore Sentiments


By Gabe Sturges

With the weekend nearly at hand, quite certainly the entire student body is looking to break free from its academic shackles and heartily welcome the two-day respite.  Much of our college’s social activities revolve around dancing, be it good, bad, demure, provocative or something in between.  Oftentimes, there is nothing more cathartic than moving in rhythm to blaring pop music and searching for that night’s special someone.  As George Bernard Shaw so eloquently explained, dancing is a “vertical expression of a horizontal desire.”

For those of you who, with good reason, are tired of the rather monotonous fraternity scene, there is welcome respite.  Ozone House, the same group responsible for absolutely delicious organic fare, also hosts dance parties, known as ODPs, generally every fortnight.

The actual setup of the parties is very low-key: nothing more than an emptied wood-floored living room within the expansive house at the far end of campus.  Yet, as Saturday evening arrives and the clock at St. John’s cathedral tolls eleven, the lights dim, replaced by pulsating strobes and the token shirtless DJ in the corner, who, mind you, has very good taste.

The musical repertoire ranges anywhere from frequently played radio hits—Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA” was prevalent at last week’s edition—to more unknown techno music.

Perhaps through the grape vine, you have heard juicy tidbits from your friends.  As a first person witness I can attest to many of them, but like a fine wine, one must experience ODP with one’s entire being, not through another’s portrayals.  Step into the house’s foyer, remove your sneakers—yes, footwear is strictly forbidden on the dance floor—and take a long glance at the excited partygoers in their sartorial splendor, trying to interpret that night’s theme.

For further clarification, every ODP has a dress-up theme.  ODP’s risqué themes, ranging from “Seven Deadly Sins” to “Slutty Business wear,” a personal favorite, may make those puritanical members of the student body a bit ill at ease. For the rest of us, however, a great time is at hand while the festivities continue, with less and less clothing being worn as the night matures and more partygoers arrive.

Unfortunately, Ozone’s lone fault, one bemoaned by many, is its location—behind the football field across from Frat Row.

However, no sooner than you step onto the dance floor will you forget about your frozen toes and be swept up in the scene at hand.  ODP is a great place to spend time with friends, hear great music and for lack of a better phrase, “get your grind on.”


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