Professing Love


By Julia Friedman

Professor Kuhn and Professor Lewin are one of a handful of married faculty couples at Union. Kuhn and Lewin first met as undergraduates at Brown University and later attended Princeton’s graduate program together, where they studied comparative literature. I sat down with the couple to learn the proposal details. I hope you find them as romantic as I do.

How did you meet? Was it love at first sight?

Kuhn: We met as college freshman at Brown…

Lewin: …At the ice cream social during freshman orientation.

What was the proposal like?

Lewin: It was December 26th, 1996. He intended to propose over dinner. He picked out the restaurant and told the waiter he would hide the ring in the cake, but he couldn’t wait and proposed over breakfast. The breakfast was on fine china with champagne and mangos. He offered me a ring in a silver case. It was a family ring, first given to his mother, and he said, ‘Will you marry me?’ I said, ‘Are you crazy?’ He wasn’t happy with my answer and asked again.

Kuhn: She gave the right answer the second time.

What is it like working at Union together?

Kuhn: I came as a visiting assistant professor and Judy came as a tenured professor. We love it. Union has been very good to us.

Lewin: Now we’re married to the college. When you have two tenured positions in the same department at the same college, the college owns you.

Kuhn: We feel lucky to have found jobs at the same college, never mind the same department.

Lewin: It’s one of the main ways that Union manages to recruit very good faculty—by giving you the opportunity to be a family.


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