Passion Pit concert ruined by students’ bad behavior


By Sam Bertschmann

It did not live up to the hype.

The music was decent, but the students in attendance made fools of themselves, frustrating the band itself and leaving me with a sour view of the evening.

[pullquote]“The students in attendance made fools of themselves”[/pullquote]

Passion Pit was preceded by two opening performers, rapper K.Flay and blues group Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears. Both were fine, but the audience, myself included, was anxious to hear the main act.

After a long wait, the band emerged. Their opening song was cool, and I felt that this show held great promise.

After that, front man Michael Angelakos took a moment to speak to the crowd, and then, with his band mates, played what sounded like the exact same song they had just performed once again. This process repeated for virtually the entire hour-long set, with only a few distinguishable tunes.

Their music generally had a nice sound, but lacked the variety to hold my interest.

Mostly, I did not feel strongly about their songs either way, but I did like the soothing “Moth Wings” as well as the rousing “Sleepyhead,” the band’s biggest hit and conclusion to the show. However, their tacky cover of The Cranberries classic “Dreams” made me nauseous. Angelakos’ electronically-modified falsetto was no match for Dolores O’Riordan’s raw, haunting vocals.

I seemed to be in the minority there, for the crowd’s response to the music was overwhelmingly positive, though many were unnecessarily aggressive in their enthusiasm.

The show might have been tolerable had the vast majority of the audience not made life miserable for those of us who did not down a Four Loko beforehand.

I stood close to the stage at the beginning of the concert, but soon moved to a less-rowdy area after seeing my life flash before my eyes.

At one point I had to resort to hair-pulling and shirt-grabbing to  keep from falling to the Keystone-soaked floor.

I did manage to escape the mosh pit in one piece, but why should anyone have to sacrifice a spot so close to the band to dodge getting kicked in the head by crowd surfers?

On that note, if you think that inebriated college kids are able to carry you to the stage, you deserve any and all ensuing head injuries (though you have likely already sustained several if you are attempting this feat).  Even Passion Pit was annoyed; Angelakos implored students to relax and appreciate the show responsibly. Despite this plea, people continued to behave as though they were in a UFC ring rather than Memorial Field House.

I am in no rush to download any of Passion Pit’s music, partly because of the group’s lackluster repertoire, but mostly because of its association with this abysmal event.

I want my Wednesday night back.

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