Mountebanks’ humorous “Odd Couple” production propelled by lead actors


By Amelia Whalen

Neil Simon’s “The Odd Couple” is a sarcastic, witty, and fast paced show, which provides laughs and insight into the lives of Oscar, slovenly and carefree, and Felix, a neat freak with obsessive compulsive tendencies. After separating from his wife, a hysterical Felix moves in with Oscar, a recent divorcee.

These two could not be any more different, earning them the name ‘the odd couple.’

This past Saturday, I found myself sitting in Yulman Theater, watching the Mountebank’s production of “The Odd Couple.” Starring McLeod Sims ‘11 as Oscar and Keefe Askin ‘13 as Felix, there were many laughs and it was an enjoyable time.

Though it took a while for the play to pick up, Simon’s fast-paced writing eventually took hold  and Yulman was transformed into Oscar’s apartment.

This being said, however, the play was longer than it was intended to be. It’s a long show, but it’s written in such a way that there should only be pauses for laughter, or for the more serious dialogue between the leads.

Some of the ensemble scenes lasted a bit longer than necessary —though it really picked up with the introduction of the Pigeon sisters—and the play overall could have been much tighter.

However, it was the smaller scenes between Sims and Askin that really made the show for me. In their scenes together, they found a way to play off of one another which was both incredibly amusing and very believable.

Striking a perfect balance of humor and seriousness, these two added a level of reality to the show which made it very enjoyable to watch.

I cannot express how many times I have seen “The Odd Couple” and this play was by no means the best production I’ve ever seen, but neither was it the worst.

Sure, they dropped a few lines and missed a few cues, but they also made me bend over from laughter. I had a lot of fun watching this production, and I look forward to seeing more in the future.

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