Union in Motion: Union’s new video sharing site hits the web


By Erica Fugger

While union.edu has premiered its reboot this fall, the college is also launching a new video website entitled “Union in Motion.” The site is organized through the Miro Community Project, which is supported by the Participatory Culture and the Knight Foundations.

For colleges, the objective of this web initiative is to bring together different videos already found on video sharing sites like YouTube and iTunes U in order to build an online community that better represents the school.

Ken George, Union’s Web Communications Director, first saw mention of this initiative through a blog on collegewebeditor.com. So far, Duke University is the only other college to use Miro, but George hopes that “Union In Motion” will soon bring Union to the top of this new “collaborative effort.”

The website is an effort to “aggregate video” and organize it in a space that is easily accessible to those looking to gain some insight into life at Union College. Current students, alumni, faculty, staff, and members of the Schenectady community are encouraged to submit videos to “Union in Motion.”

George views the initiative as a “communal fireplace” and an opportunity to bring the creativity and inspiration of the community together in order to “showcase Union to the rest of the world.” He wants to “get Union’s name out there” and continue to find new ways to use social media to publicize all that Union has to offer.

The project has been running for only a short time, but the immediate feedback has been positive. Found on the website’s homepage, similar in layout to that of Hulu.com, are featured videos from President Ainley’s radio show, alumni footage from 1968, and a trip by students to the Schenectady Greenmarket.

All videos are first posted on YouTube.com before being linked to “Union in Motion.” Submitted material goes through a short review process before being posted on the website.

George emphasized the ease with which videos are now created due to recent advancements in technology. He spoke of how the “barriers have been lowered” so that anyone with a video camera can become a content producer.

Following its recent “soft-launch” of the site, George has looked to publicize the video sharing page through use of social media, like Facebook, and internally within the Union community. In hopes of raising awareness and involvement in the initiative, there has even been talk of hosting a video contest in the future.

So pick up your FlipVideo camera and create something new that represents you and life at Union College. And whether you are interested in submitting a video or learning more about Union’s history and culture, visit http://video.union.edu/ to support the cause and see the premiere of “Union in Motion.”


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