By Catherine Elliott

Entrepreneurship—Ideas have potential to grow into something great at Union. Active faculty members, such as Hal Fried, have introduced classes on Entrepreneurship in which students are given the opportunity to develop a business plan. Pete Mugford ‘11 one of our resident student entrepreneurs, believes that this is not far enough. “I feel there are not many options for students to explore entrepreneurship.” He references a particular program at Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts, saying “Students are given a budget and are told to create a business plan, and start a company.” Clearly some of the companies fail, yet the class “allows to students to experience class work that will be used in real world applications.” Mugford’s hope for an Entrepreneurship Department at Union may not come to fruition soon, yet there are some great events to help any budding young hopefuls.

This week on Oct. 14 and 15,  Professor Fried has organized an Entrepreneurship Forum in which presidents, CEOs, and founders of established companies will come to speak. There is a keynote speech from Phil Weilerstein on ‘Engineering, Entrepreneurship and the Liberal Arts’ and also from Les Trachtman ‘77 called: ‘Making the Intersection of  Technology and the Liberal; Arts happen at Union.’ Fried notes that this forum is to help explore the amazing opportunity that Engineering and Liberal Arts have together. “The intersection of Liberal Arts and Engineering has the potential to fuel some of the most important opportunities for the foreseeable future.”  Sam Barstow ‘11, co-founder of ‘Elevation Footwear’ believes that the program “could be beneficial for anyone on campus who is thinking about starting a company.” So if you have an idea, a plan, or even just want to find out in case you figure out how to make jello on the moon, attending the forum is a great idea. Guss Firestein ‘11 notes that it “will allow students to meet Union alumni who started on the same path they’re on and ventured off on their own route.”  It’s the perfect place to ‘gain some insight’ about the rough and rambling path of Entrepreneurship.


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