Top 5 reasons to fear robots


By Zack Wahl

5. Robots are evolving

From a simply evolutionary standpoint, robots are following in human’s footsteps. While this may just be a function of growing human intellectual capacity, robots are still getting smarter as we do.

But, they don’t have to wait generations for their morphological changes to show. As soon as a new adaptation is available, robots gain it. So, in reality, robots are actually evolving faster than humans.

4. Robots take our jobs

Until someone introduces me to a human who can survive at temperatures as hot as the sun, or in zero oxygen situations like in outer space, there will always be jobs for robots that humans cannot do.

We simply are limited by our inability to function in extremely harsh situations. ­Robots also don’t need to be trained or paid to do jobs because they don’t have brains, or bank accounts, making them the cheaper, faster option.

3. Robots steal our hearts

Well, not literally, but emotionally they do. Robots in media are becoming cuter and more human-like. We have all seen the box office smash hits Wall-E and Transformers, and the robots in them steal the show.

Robots are slowly, unknowingly to us, sneaking their ways into our hearts and we can’t, or maybe don’t want to, do anything to stop them.

2. Humans and  robots are


While we may not have any half-human half-robots running around just yet, there are serious technological advances being made that are making humans become more robotic.

Recently scientists have designed electronic lungs that are implantable in humans to replace lung transplants, and with the use of ICDs (Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillators) humans really are becoming more and more robotic.

1. Impending robot apocalypse

Of course, the number one reason to fear robots is the apocalypse that is going to happen some time in the future. If there is anything I’ve learned from the Terminator movies, it is that a Human v. Robot war is inevitable. While those movies may not be based on a true story, many countries, including the United States, use robots on the frontlines of battles. In reality, this may be saving human lives, but the apocalypse is ever looming.

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