The Hungry Dutchman: Slick’s Restaurant & Tavern


By Guss Firestein

It was while wandering through the streets of Schenectady that I came across a beautiful area filled with the flowers, cobblestone streets, and antique streetlights reminiscent of Savannah, Ga.

This area, I discovered, was called the Stockade. Named for the stockade fence that originally surrounded the area, it claims the title of New York’s first historic district and is the oldest neighborhood in the city of Schenectady (it has been continuously inhabited for 300 years).

Even though the Stockade is only a few blocks from campus and is home to the place where professors from Union College first taught classes, many students rarely take the time to go check it out. If you need an extra incentive to go visit, then I have four words for you: Slick’s Restaurant & Tavern.

This isn’t the kind of bar you go to looking to get rowdy. This is the bar you visit for a nice beer and a seriously epic sandwich. Located at 127 South Ferry Street, Slick’s Restaurant& Tavern can be a bit hard to locate; however, its variety of choices (almost 40 different bottled beers) and food options, like a sandwich the size of a small baby, makes the trip well worth your time.

Union students used to be frequent customers of Slick’s, but lately sightings of current Dutchmen and women in the restaurant have become rarities.

The owners, Barbara and Michael Naumoff,­­ reflected on these changes, saying “Union students used to come have a sandwich while they did their homework. It was great!” Hopefully, we can bring the Union College clientele back to Slick’s.

They keep it simple with just offering five different sandwich choices. These choices are: roast beef, turkey, corned beef, ham and cheese, and tuna fish.

I’m a roast beef man myself so, naturally, that’s the sandwich I went with. I’ve had many a sandwich, but this whopper of a sandwich may have been the biggest sandwich I have ever had. It’s one of those sandwiches that you have to strategically eat only with a fail-proof game plan in mind. If you like a challenge, good food, and reasonable prices, then Slick’s is your place.

Take a walk on the wild side and check out the Stockade and Slick’s. They serve food from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.I promise you won’t leave hungry.

Check out for their menu.


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